Sinterklaas is coming to town!

Hi everyone! It’s Day 3 of Julidays, and today I wanted to share with you one of my holiday traditions, which is celebrating Sinterklaas (sɪntərˈklaːs), a popular holiday figure in the Netherlands.

My God-mother is Dutch-Indonesian, which is why we celebrate the name day of Saint Nicholas. Our gathering usually happens during the first weekend of December and it’s so nice because it’s the only time of the year where we can really bring our two families together.

For dinner, we always do fondue equipped with a variety of veggies and proteins (my favorite is scallops) that we fry up. With nearly 20 of us at the table, it requires a large setup with at least 4 fondue pots, as well as a lot of electrical power. You know that it’s a Sinterklaas celebration when a fuse blows out about 5 times throughout the night.

The greatest thing about this celebration is seeing how excited the kids get. There’s something so beautiful about hearing children tell you they could smell Sinterklaas’ or hear his sleigh bells all the way from Albuquerque.

sinterklaas 3
The children leave carrots for Sinterklaas’ horses so they have something to munch during the long journey ahead.

As the kids waited patiently upstairs for Sinterklaas to arrive, you could hear the sound of bells jingling outside. In just a few moments, the once barren fireplace, was filled with dozens of presents and a familiar Sinterklaas jingle is sung, letting the children know that he’s come. From the moment the kids ran down the stairs, they brought this undeniable wave of holiday magic – a feeling which proved why this season is so special and truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Do any of you celebrate Sinterklaas, or have any special holiday traditions? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section!

Happy Julidays!
XO, Julia

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