Bottega Louie Goodies

Happy Julidays, day 10 everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to visit one of Downtown LA’s consistent hotspots, Bottega Louie, and by visit, I mean I had to go there to pick up gifts for clients. Oh how I wish that I could have those dozen of 24-piece-macaron boxes all to myself.

I have actually never physically been to Bottega Louie before, but my roommate from college did bring me a box of them one time, and boy did that get me obsessed with French macarons. Before you even enter the restaurant, you see two macaron trees in the display window, which will immediately make your mouth water.

Even though I was there for work, I had to make a purchase! Macarons are made with so much care and skill, which make them a little pricey, like around $2.50 a cookie, so I only got a 5-piece box.

I literally wish I had an endless supply of these goodies ALL THE TIME.

They had so many beautifully packaged gift items, and I thought I’d share my favorite ones with you all! These would be perfect for the foodies in your life!

Coffee Gift Box  |  $70.00



Assorted Chocolate Bar Library  |  $35.00



Pasta Sauce Gift Set  |  $36.00


Preserves Gift Set  |  $48.00






Gift Box IV  |  $100.00
Assorted Chocolate Bar Library  |  $35.00
Pasta Sauce Gift Set  |  $36.00
Preserves Gift Set  |  $48.00
24 Piece Macaron Box  |  $60.00

I can’t wait for the next time I go, and for leisure this time, not for work. My boyfriend and I are planning on eating at the restaurant. If you’ve been there, please give recommendations!

Also, if you know of any other great macaron bakeries in the greater Los Angeles area or Orange County, please let me know! My sweet tooth needs this information.

Thank you for reading another post of Julidays!

XO, Julia


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