I’m going to keep it short and sweet today. As we all know, nobody’s life is perfect. Nobody is always happy, and everyone probably has something they’d change about themselves or their life. Things get rough, and when they do, here are a couple pieces of advice (I once preached to my friends) that I try to follow everyday.

  1. Don’t ever feel sorry for your feelings.
    1. If you’re feeling hurt because of something your significant other said or did, angry over a current event, or whatever it may be, never apologize for expressing certain emotions. How you react and feel about certain things are what makes you you, and are how you cope with the things going on in your life.
  2. Never feel like you have to sacrifice your happiness just to get by in life.
    1. You should always do what makes you happy. It may not be the easiest path, but life is too short to do something you find unfulfilling day in and day out.

When things get hard for me, I always remember these two things. I guess you can say they’re my two mantras.

What advice do you have to share? Please comment below, it could really help someone. 

Also, sorry for missing another post (yesterday). This blogging thing is a little more intimidating than it seems. I will be posting an extra post on either Saturday or Sunday to make up for it!

Happy Julidays!
XO, Julia

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