Brunch Spotlight | Magnolia House

If you’re like me, you’re always looking forward to the weekend! And if you’re even more like me, you’re probably obsessively wondering about which brunch spot you’re gonna go to. Well, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely try Magnolia House, located in South Pasadena.

Brunch menu

What To Get

Eggs Benedict // $12.00

When looking over a breakfast/brunch menu, my eyes automatically scan for an eggs benedict. I’ve been so obsessed with this dish ever since I was little. There’s just something so wonderful about eating some sort of carbs soaked in runny yolk mixed with a rich hollandaise sauce… I may even go as far as calling it pure magic. Aside from the benedict itself, the home fries that accompany this dish are so good!

Belgian Waffles // $9.00

I personally did not order the waffles, but my friend couldn’t finish them, so I took one for the team and begrudgingly ate the extra carbs… HAH! Just kidding. I am totally OK with being the human garbage disposal of the group 🙂 These waffles were so fluffy and perfect, and seemed like the perfect portion to fill you up.

Side of Home Fries // $4.00

My eggs benny came with a size of home fries, but not all the dishes do! It’s packed with crunch and flavor (garlic, tarragon and dill), and tastes 100 times better when eaten with the hollandaise. I love crunchy, well-done fried potatoes which is why this side bodes so well with me. If you’re more into limp potatoes, then I’m not sure if these will be your style. I’m sure you can get them cooked to order. My friend’s dish didn’t come with a side of these, and after taking one bite of mine, she immediately ordered a side. WORTH. IT.

What To Avoid


Less than a year ago, I was introduced to one of God’s greatest creations… a Mexican Michelada, and since then, I have self-dubbed myself as a miche (mee-chee) enthusiast! I don’t know how I was living life without having ever tried one of these. Wait, hold up. How did I never try this in college? Shame on me.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a tomatoe-y, citrus-enhanced, spicy beer. It’s waaaay better than a bloody Mary, in my opinion! If you’ve never tried it, I would definitely recommend making one at home. A go-to recipe that I normally follow is from YouTube influencer Karen Sarahi and her boyfriend, Sebastian. It’s bomb!

Anyway, back to this review. I did not like their rendition on a michelada, whatsoever. I, however, will not hold this against them. The waiter flat out told me that they 1) didn’t have any Mexican beers available, so they used a lager, and 2) it would be made with their bloody Mary mix. I figured that it would be OK and pass a very low bar, but no. It was pretty bad. At that point, I would just tell people that they don’t serve micheladas (hah hah)… Next time, I’ll probably try an Almost Palmer.


Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here, I just wish they had an option for bottomless mimosas.  The ambiance is so cute, and while it was too busy to get a seat inside the main dining area, I could see the decor from the outside, and it just felt very comfortable and homey. It’s also located in a great spot. There are so many items on the brunch menu that I want to try in the future!

If you’re in the area and check it out, comment below what you thought about it! 🙂

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