Tuesdays are for Tacos!

Happy Taco Tuesday beautiful people!

I have yet to meet anyone that dislikes tacos. Is that even possible? Probably not!

This past weekend, my family celebrated my little sister’s high school graduation with a party and a taco man! I’m feeling inspired from that party and the day itself, so in today’s post, I’m going to provide you with all the recipes you need for a festive and yummy taco night! I wish that I was creative enough to provide my own recipes… maybe one day!


Cauliflower Spanish Rice – such a delicious and healthy alternative. I’ve made this recipe a few times, and I LOVE it! (via Wholesomelicious)

Picture from Wholesomelicious

Mexican Rice (via Culinary Hill)

Learn the secret to making Mexican Rice at home that tastes even better than a restaurant! And it's always perfect: Tender, delicious, never sticky. Whether you are making dinner for the family or feeding 100, this recipe works every time and it tastes exactly the way you want it to! Great with brown rice too!
Picture from Culinary Hill

Black Beans (via New York Times – Cooking)

Picture from the New York Times

Guacamole (via Mexican Please)

This recipe proves how good Guacamole can be when using onion, lime, salt and avocado in balanced proportions -- also includes an onion smooshing tip to enhance flavor mexicanplease.com
Picture from Mexican Please


Salsa Verde (via Cookie and Kate)

Once you try this roasted salsa verde recipe, you'll never go back! cookieandkate.com
Picture from Cookie and Kate

Salsa Roja (via My Latina Table)

Salsa Recipe - Authentic Mexican Salsa Roja made with fresh ingredients is a perfect appetizer or snack to enjoy this summer.
Picture from My Latina Table

Jicama-Mango Salsa (via Mindful Avocado)

bowl of jicama salsa on white background with plantain chips and jalapenos.
Picture from Mindful Avocado

Pico de Gallo (via Genius Kitchen)


Corn Tortillas (via Isabel Eats)

3-Ingredient Authentic Mexican Homemade Corn Tortillas are the best! They're better than store bought, are healthy and are gluten-free.
Picture from Isabel Eats

Tacos Al Pastor (via Food & Wine)

Picture from Food & Wine

Chicken Street Tacos (via Cooking with Cocktail Rings)

mexican chicken street tacos
Picture from Cooking with Cocktail Rings

Crispy Potato Tacos (via She Likes Food)

Crispy Potato Tacos1-6042
Picture from She Likes Food

Fish Tacos (via Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings)

chrissy teigan fish tacos
Picture from Cravings

Shrimp Tacos (via Gimme Delicious)

Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Salsa & Sour Cream Cilantro Sauce
Picture from Gimme Delicious

Carne Asada Tacos (via Tyler Florence – Food Network)

Image result for tyler florence tacos carne asada
Picture from Food Network


Horchata (via Muy Bueno Cookbook)

Dairy-free Agua de Horchata (Rice and Cinnamon Drink)
Picture from Muy Bueno Cookbook

Jamaica (via Mexican Food Journal)

straining dried hibiscus flowers
Picture from Mexican Food Journal

Tamarindo (via SoFab Food)

tamarind water agua de tamarindo
Picture from SoFab Food

Melon + Cucumber (via The Other Side of the Tortilla)

Picture from The Other Side of the Tortilla

Sandia (via Honest Cooking)

Agua Sandia
Picture from Honest Cooking


Tres Leches Cake (via Food & Wine)

Picture from Food & Wine

Arroz con Leche (via Taste of Home)

Arroz Con Leche (Rice Pudding) Recipe
Picture from Taste of Home

With these recipes, you’re bound to have an amazing Taco Tuesday! Let me know if you tried any of the recipes and report back with how tasty it was!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy eating!


XOXO, Julia

22 thoughts on “Tuesdays are for Tacos!

  1. good job, u just made me really hungry. i have never seen such kind of food and i am really curious and definitely give a try. btw, love your photography and the blog outlay as well.

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