Finally on vacay | HAWAI’I TRIP 2018

Hello beautiful people, or rather, ALOHAAAAA!

It’s been 2 years since my family last vacationed in Hawaii, and my God, I missed this island so much.

After a very rushed afternoon to the airport, we finally got to LAX an hour before our flight. Luckily we got through TSA in a couple minutes and made it to the gate before the first group boarded. I think luck (if you could call it that in this situation) was on our side because there were actually issues with the plane that made it impossible to board until an hour and a half later.

We touched down in Honolulu last night, so today is our first full day. It’s been full of a lot of sun, walking around the resort, grocery shopping and time with family. We’ll be staying at 3 different hotels/resorts this trip and are currently staying at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club and having an absolute blast.


Bikini from Frankie’s Bikinis

The trip has only begun, so be sure to follow my blog and Instagram for more updates and pictures so that you too can feel like you’re on an island in the sun 🙂

Xoxo, Julia

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