Fave Items on Urban Outfitters Gift List + GIVEAWAY!| Holiday 2018

Hey beautiful people! Christmas is officially 1 week away!  The best time of the year is here, and stores are finally releasing their gift ideas. If you’re like me, you’re lagging on getting your gifts, but don’t worry! I went through this year’s Urban Outfitters’ gifting pages and picked out my favorite items for the guys and gals in your life. Also, I finally hit 2k on my IG… Not the biggest milestone in a world full of influencers, but this is still pretty cool for me! Keep reading to learn more about the giveaway!

Faves from “Stocking Stuffers

  • What Do You Meme Game – $30
    • Developed from IG famous memer, F*ck Jerry, this card game is perfect for the millennial get together. Test your humor and sarcasm with this game of memes. UO also has expansion packs available.
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com) 
  • World’s Smallest Vacuum – $15
    • This cool gadget sucks up all your tiny messes… or after your dad leaves tons of Christmas cookie crumbs on the counter.
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Sudski Shower Beer Holder – $15
    • Honestly, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find this INSANELY cool the moment I saw this. I mean, who hasn’t taken a hot shower and been like, “Damn, a nice cold beer sounds dope right now?”… No? It’s only me? OK… anyway! This seems like a cool gift for anyone! And for you LA peeps, if craft beer ain’t your thing, it looks like La Croix fits in there too #majorshade
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Square Trade Goods Co. Reed Diffuser – $26
    • Bring the scents of Big Sur to your home! I love diffusers because they bring so much fragrance to any space without worrying about monitoring an open flame.
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Kikkerland Design USB Hub – $14
    • Charge up to four devices at a time with this lil quirky dude.
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)

Faves from “Men’s Gifts”

  • Rudy’s UO Exclusive Styling Kit – $35
    • Keep your mans looking fresh af all the time with this hair styling kit!
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Watter Bottle – $45
    • This is so cool! You can connect this bottle to an app on your phone and it tracks your water intake and glows whenever you’ve gone too long without hydrating. So dope. I want one!
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • UO Patchwork Faux Fur Jacket – $129
    • This looks incredibly cute, warm and fuzzy, everything you want for your boyfriend’s jacket so you can steal it 🙂
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Bubble Pop iPhone Case – $24
    • This seems like not only a fun case, but a great stress reliever as well!
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • The Office Tee – $29
    • Cue The Office theme song, the “that’s what she said jokes”, and a Capella singing, cause that’s definitely all that comes to mind when I see this shirt. Hopefully you know a dude that loves The Office cause this shirt is rad!
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)

Faves from “Home Decor Gifts”

  • Huggable Llama Cooling + Heating Pad – $29
    • Not only is this thing cute, but it’d be perfect for sore muscles, cramps, or even just a cold night!
    • Slide View: 2: Huggable Llama Cooling + Heating Pad
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Matcha Gift Set – $65
    • Learn the ways of why the world loves this so matcha… buh dum tsss :D… ok, maybe puns are only good when heard in person. This gift set includes a matcha recipe book, whisk and shaker. Not only is is cute af, but probably makes the tastiest stuff ever.
    • Slide View: 2: Matcha Book, Whisk + Shaker Gift Set
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Compact Air Fryer – $100
    • Just think about it: fries all day, everyday, without the guilt living in that oil.
    • Slide View: 1: Compact Air Fryer
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)

Faves from “Women’s Gifts”

  • UO Carmella Cozy Reversible Teddy Coat – $79
    • This is so snuggly and is reversible! It comes in a variety of colors and will probably become a cold-weather essential in your wardrobe!
    • Slide View: 1: UO Carmella Cozy Reversible Teddy Coat
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Caboodles On-The-Go Girl Makeup Case – $18
    • This case has a youthful and playful flair and looks like it can hold all your goodies.
    • Slide View: 2: Caboodles On-The-Go Girl Makeup Case
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Smoko Corgi Heated Slipper – $35
    • These are SO cute and are gonna keep your feet so warm and toasty. These get charged via usb, so you can take ’em anywhere!
    • Slide View: 3: Smoko Corgi Heated Slipper
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)
  • Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy – $45
    • This is MAJOR! I seriously need this. You can put a book or phone up for in bath entertainment, a wine glass, and put soap without eroding the material.
    • Slide View: 1: Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy
    • (via urbanoutfitters.com)

And that’s it for my faves from Urban Outfitters’ gifting pages! If you see something you or your friends and family will like, but are hesitant on buying cause the holidays can be pricey, UO offers afterpay which allows you to pay off the item in 4 interest free installments! How cool is that?! Very, but it can be a little dangerous, so don’t go too hog-wild! Happy Holidays everyone! Look out for more holiday inspired content 😀


Because I hit 2k and cause it’s the holiday season, aka the season of giving, I’d like to give 1 lucky follower a $50 gift card to anywhere of your choice! It can be a gift for yourself, or a special loved one! It’s not a lot, but I know a little can go a long way this holiday season! Here’s how to win!

  • Follow me on Instagram at juliatalavera
  • Tag friends (each friend is an additional entry)
  • Giveaway ends Friday, Dec. 21!

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