Hey Beautiful People! Happy Wednesday! We are halfway to the weekend. Anyone else struggling hard because of Daylight Savings? While I am glad that it’s light outside when I get out of work, my internal clock is not matching up with my actual clock… but when does it ever?

Today I’m sharing with you my (drumroll please…) first ever photo shoot! I styled all the outfits myself and had such a fun time doing it. My friend, Danny (@dan.harbinger), took all the photos. It was so great just to collaborate with a friend and other creative on something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

We shot everything in Newport and Huntington Beach. It’s crazy how you can make average scenery turn into something really cool and beautiful. I learned that I’m definitely not a model, but I’m still cute… HAHA!

One of the reasons I wanted to do an animal print shoot is because the prints of the animals featured are so inherently fierce. I’ve been having a lot of struggles with my self-image, mainly due to my increasing weight. Granted, I’m not putting in all the work I need to, but my body has changed so much in the last couple of years and I’ve had to come to realize that my metabolism has slowed way down, and the days of me doing nothing and still staying thin are long gone. Throughout this shoot, I definitely had to become confident in myself, and I think I’m breaking through my issues.



Where to Buy (exact or similar items): Princess Polly Dress (exact) – Girls Crew Earrings (similar)| Butterfly Necklace (similar) | UO Gold Chain Belt (exact) | Black Combat Boots (similar)


Where to buy (exact or similar): Irene’s Story (exact) | Girls Crew Earrings (similar) | Fashion Nova Booties (exact)


Where to buy (exact or similar): F21 Newsboy Hat (exact) |Target Dress (similar) | White Belt (similar) | Fashion Nova Booties (exact)



Where to buy (exact or similar): Ray-Ban Aviators (exact) | UO The Office Tee (exact) | Belt (similar) | Cotton On Pants (exact) |Fashion Nova Booties (exact) | Karl Lagerfeld Handbag (exact)


Where to buy: Fashion Nova Coat | Fashion Nova Lingerie Slip Dress


I was particularly nervous to shoot this look, but it was honestly really liberating (and cold lol).
I obvi had to throw up the peace sign.
Where to buy: Fashion Nova Swimsuit

I hope you guys like the looks we shot! Let me know in the comments what you think and what you’d like to see shot next! Follow me on Instagram to see more content from this shoot.

xoxo, Jules

8 thoughts on “STAY FIERCE: Girl on the Move | ANIMAL PRINT OUTFITS / PHOTO SHOOT

  1. Dude you look great. You may not be as thin as you were in high school. None of us do. You fab. I hope someone famous sees these pictures. Good job!!!!!


  2. You wouldn’t say you haven’t done this before, you look so natural in the photos. I like how they transmit emotion and movement.


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