My Top Workout Jams | #JulesIsWorkinOnHerFitness

I’ve been trying to get off my bs and love a better, more active and healthy lifestyle. I’m striving to cut out most starchy carbs and excess sugar, joined ClassPass, and even got a new Fitbit! Nothing like using spent money as motivation, am I right? But it’s not always about the gear you have, it’s about the mood you’re in too! I HAVE to be listening to some dope jams in order to get in the mood to kill my weight training and cardio (something I like to call “cardi-no” cause I don’t enjoy it). Here’s a list of songs that get me in the mood to get swole. They’re definitely all over the place, but it keeps things interesting!

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29 Rooms

My best friend and I went to Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms on Sunday. It was such an awesome experience, and I definitely recommend going in the future if you have the chance!

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