Sunny Side of Life | THE EGG HOUSE LA

Last Saturday, my friend and I went to the Egg House, a popular art pop up that was in New York, Shanghai, and finally, Los Angeles! It was so cute! It’s definitely an art pop up made with Instagram aesthetics in mind, so if you’re looking for art that could possibly lead you into an existential crisis, this ain’t the place.

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What I’d Wear to Coachella 2018

I’ve never been to Coachella, but over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed countless of brands and stores promoting their Festival Lines. I’ve done some research and created a few looks from the products featured on their sites.

Not only would these looks be great for Coachella, but for many other music festivals/events all year round! 

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Springtime Retro Floral Vibes

It is officially the second day of spring, but if you live in SoCal, you know a storm is heading our way. Spring weather needs to come sooner! …but I think I could live without the unbearable allergy attacks.

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I tried the popular makeup experiment started by Safiya Nygaard and mixed all my primers and foundations together! Check out my latest YouTube video down below!

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